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to provide the most reliable ecological cleaning service available
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We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for all.  Providing a reliable, environmentally friendly service is what our customers, staff, and society deserve.  Looking after our planets future doesn’t have to compromise on results or reliability. To ensure we achieve our vision we always work the TLC way


Treat our customers and each other as individuals, embracing the power of diversity
Take ownership of our own work, focusing on continuous improvement



Lessen the environmental impact of what we do, wherever feasible to do so

Lead by example, be bold in our decision making and stand up for what we believe in


Create the best environment for ourselves and our customers by being honest, reliable, and supportive


Challenge things if they don’t feel right, put forward an alternative solution that will benefit everyone

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"I found the The Little Cottage Cleaning Company with a quick Google search, and I couldn’t have been happier. They were fast, friendly, and stuck to the price they quoted."

Marian Edwards

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